Custom Projects

Custom Projects

From time to time I am asked to make custom parts for turntables or other HiFi items.  I have had many requests for armboards  which are now out of manufacture, or may be too expensive, or to allow the fitting of a tonearm that is not supported for that turntable. If at any time you have a requirement for a custom built part or armboard, please feel free to contact me.


Denon DP-80.  I customised the plinth and armboard to allow the fitting of a 12 inch arm, which it was never designed to take, but it turned out really well. I machined a recess to fit a spirit level which hides the original tonearm fitting and then recut a mounting for this beautiful 12 inch tonearm.

Technics SL1200  Custom armboards for some Technics SL1200 turntables; one a Mk2, the other a Mk5. They are both made of 12mm thick corian and are custom fitted for a Rega and Acoustic Solid tonearm. These armboards make quite a noticeable difference to the sound quality as corian is a very inert material and is ideal for mounting a tonearm.

Kenwood/Trio L07-D This armboard was made to fit a second arm to the Kenwood/Trio L07-D turntable. These are now no longer manufactured and the armboards have to be custom made. This one supports a Dynavector DV507 mkii tonearm.  I’ve also made one for an SME mkV tonearm.

Armboards for a range of turntables including Linn LP12, Thorens TD124, SME adaptors.


Acoustic Signature Challenger These armpods for an Acoustic Signature Challenger Turntable. These have been made for a variety of tonearms: Rega, Linn, Alphason, Funk Firm and for a Terminator linear tracking tonearm. Again the inert corian makes this an ideal material for this purpose.

Record Weights

Another interesting project were some custom record weights. I have made similar items for Garrard, Sony, Acoustic Signature and some with company logos for HiFi shops. Any logo, name or wording could be added as a custom item.


This was a custom wound SUT that had been built into a sub-standard box. I built a screened box from corian with copper lid to rehouse the transformers and help reduce the audible hum.

Cable Lifters

Speaker cable lifters made to match a customer’s personal decor.

We hope you have enjoyed taking a look at our custom projects. If you have any needs based around a custom part please let us know through our contact us page we will endeavour to do our best to help you.