• How long do records take to dry?

It depends on how warm your room is. Allow them enough time to completely dry before playing or storing in an antistatic record sleeve.

  • I have a fan – will it help with drying?

It can do. I would leave to dry for a while and then finish off with the fan if you want to, but it is not needed, as they will dry on their own.

  • Does any water get on the labels?

No fluid ever gets on the labels as the record turns very slowly and the wetting agent stops the fluids running down the vinyl. The labels will never get wet.

  • How long does the fluid last?

Usually between 50 and 75 records, depending on how dirty the records are. When the fluid starts to look cloudy and it’s not easy to clearly see the bottom of the bath, it is time to change it.

  • After using there are some marks on the bottom of the bath, is this normal?

Yes some “staining” is normal as it is where the transducers are attached to the bottom of the bath.

  • The fluid gets warmer as I clean a few records, is this normal?

Yes the ultrasonic wave causes the fluid to get warmer the more it is used. Heat is a by-product of the cleaning wave. Just keep an eye on the temperature gauge to make sure fluid stays under 45 degs.

  • It makes a noise, is this normal?

Yes the bath makes a kind of “zi zi zi” noise. This is perfectly normal.

  • Do I need a funnel to empty the bath?

A large funnel with the filter in it makes it easy to empty the bath. These are easily found in any pound shop.

  • What is best for a drying rack?

A lot of people use the drying rack from a Knosti bath, which can be bought for about £18. There are several types available on Ebay for about £6. Some people use a plate rack, which works just fine also.

  • How often do my records need cleaning?

Once cleaned in the Velvet Vortex they should be stored in an anti static sleeve. If stored and handled properly they should never need cleaning again. Some that are your more popular choices and are played regularly might need cleaning twice in a year, but most will only need doing once.

  • What is the guarantee period?

2 years on the bath and 5 years on the Velvet Vortex.