Velvet Vortex Instructions

Congratulations on your purchase of the Velvet Vortex Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine. Once you have followed the simple setting up instructions, you will be ready to begin cleaning your vinyl records and enjoy the quality of sound you are meant to hear from your vinyl records.

Setting up your Velvet Vortex Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine

 *** Before you begin: remember, NEVER turn your Ultrasonic Cleaner ON or OFF without fluid in the bath***

 Stage 1

  • The machine is packed inside the Ultrasonic bath to protect it. Remove all packaging.
  • Fit the saddles over the edge of the bath and clamp onto the side using the M6 Cap screws. Apply just enough pressure to stop the saddle moving. Be careful not to tighten too tight.
  • Ensure both saddles are exactly opposite each other so that the shaft fits to the motor. There are some tape markers on the edge to help with alignment. (These can be removed after set up). It is important to adjust the saddle position and then try an LP on the shaft to get centre position spot on. There should be a gap of around 2mm between the edge of the bath and the edge of the record at each end.
  • Fill the bath with your Velvet Vortex cleaning fluid.

(You can make your own cleaning fluid using distilled water with some wetting agent).

  • Fill the bath up to the middle of the run out. The fill level is around the position of the recess in the bath.

Stage 2: Preparing to clean your vinyl 

  • Before cleaning your first record, your Velvet Vortex Ultrasonic Record Cleaning system will benefit from running the machine for a few minutes to degas the cleaning fluid. Just set the timer to 4 mins and press the on button.
  • Set the heat to 30 degs. 
  • Turn on the heater.

Note: once the fluid is warm, turn the heater off as cavitation will heat the fluid a little as you begin cleaning your records. If the fluid reaches 42 degrees, it is good to let it cool down as vinyl can become softer at over 45 degrees.

Stage 3: Fitting your vinyl records

  • Fit a record by removing one puck from the shaft – they are a tight fit on purpose to hold the record in place as it spins.
  • Put your record on the shaft and replace the second puck. (Up to three records can be added by using the extra pucks and positioning them appropriately.
  • Slide the Shaft on to the motor slightly tighten the thumb screw on the blue adapter at the end of the shaft. Then rest the shaft in the saddle on the opposite side of the bath. (This does not need to be tight as it moves very slowly to give the cleaning action time to work at its best.)
  • Switch the motor ON
  • Set the This can be altered depending on how dirty the record is. The following is recommended:

*New or clean records – 5 mins

*Used LPs or very dirty vinyl may need up to 15 mins

(Once you are used to the cleaning process, you can experiment with the times that bring your vinyl the best results.)

  • Once the timer reaches zero it will switch off and the vinyl will continue to rotate until you unload it. (It will not hurt the vinyl to just spin in the fluid for a while once the ultrasonic wave has turned off with the timer)

Stage 4: Drying your vinyl records

  • Your records can be air – dried after cleaning. Many people use a plate rack to support the vinyl whilst it dries. This ensures no other contaminants are introduced to your newly deep – cleaned records. (You may prefer to vacuum dry your vinyl if you have this method available to you)

Stage 5: Storing your Velvet Vortex Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine and cleaning fluid

  • Use the tap located at the side of the bath to empty the fluid.
  • Place the filter provided in a funnel & let the fluid and any accumulated solids drain through. The filter can be reused several times. Replace once full of dirt.

The filters are 190 micron paint filters and are easily found online.

  • It is good practice to empty the Velvet Vortex after use; leaving the fluid in the bath for an extended period of time is not recommended.

We hope that you are delighted with the results of using your Velvet Vortex Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine and appreciate the improvement in sound quality it brings to your vinyl. Happy listening!